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February 2015 


Steve Levine

 Our February Issue


          Many of the entrepreneurs that we have interviewed for our covers started out working in the family business. Many started out very young, sweeping the floors, emptying the trash, and running errands.

          Most of you know that I was fed and clothed from the proceeds of the two dry goods stores run by my parents who were originally recruited into the business by my paternal grandparents who started them in Nyack and Pearl River, New York. Both of my parents had aspirations of going to college and pursuing their individual dreams. My father had planned to go on the G.I. Bill and my mother had an art scholarship but instead of going to college, they accepted my grandparents’ offer of working for them with an offer to pay for them to go to college later. College never happened and even after my grandparents passed away, my parents continued to work the stores until my mother succumbed to cancer and “big box” stores put their little stores out of business.


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Admittedly, I never worked in the family business but I spent plenty of time observing their work ethic, their focus on customer service, their dedication to their community, and their dedication to each other. I can honestly say that the lessons that I learned from those observations still serve me well today.

          As a high school wrestler, I stepped out on the wrestling mat to meet my opponent and knew that my parents were not in the stands to cheer me on or console me when I lost. I went to several father/son awards banquets on my own. I was never disappointed as I knew where they were. They were working their business to feed and clothe my sister and me.

          Many of today’s entrepreneurs grew up like I did as observers in their parents’ business. Their parents were their role models in learning about work ethics and commitment that a business owner needs to have for success.

          For this month’s cover honorees, Troi & Kelley Taylor of Taylor Construction Management, every day is a learning experience for their “Mini Mes”, daughter Laila and son Joshua. Troi and Kelley are creating a legacy for their children and establishing a blueprint by which they can follow in their parents footsteps in creating their own successful business or taking over the helm if they so choose when they are adults.


          It is time to let you get started on this month’s very special issue.


Good Reading, Good Sales, and Great Success to You All!


Steve Levine

President/Executive Publisher, Small Business Today Magazine


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