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Steve Levine

 Our November Issue


Welcome to another year and another fresh start on your business and personal goals and dreams.

Never forget exactly why you started your business. I am convinced that no one starts an enterprise with aspirations of being a slave to that business. We all want a business that “works for us.”

Maybe it is time we turn to “lying, cheating, and stealing” to grow your business this year.

I have heard different versions of this phrase at different times but I wanted to add my own spin to it as it applies to aspiring entrepreneurs and small business owners everywhere.

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Lie in bed and dream again. We all had dreams as adolescents and young adults and then we got involved getting a job or starting a business to start a business to pay ours and our families bills.


Cheat yourself out of time away from your business to concentrate on what is most important in your life.Your G-D and your family should always come first.The most successful entrepreneurs that we have featured on the cover of our various magazines believe in “work hard/play hard.” No one at the end of their life wishes they had spent more time working on/ in their business. It is the other things in our lives that we regret making time for.

• Stealing:

It’s okay to steal some ideas now and then and put them to work in your business (providing they are not patented or copyrighted). Check out what your competitors are doing to attract business with their new ideas and find a way to customize them for your business to be of use to assist your clients. Who knows what that will lead to?

They say that, “The only thing permanent is change” and if you are not willing to change things in your life and business, you will always have what you have always had. Try lying, cheating, and stealing…I am going to do so!

This month’s cover honoree, Angelica Garcia-Dunn also built her business on “lying, cheating, and stealing.” Angelica would lie in bed dreaming of a better life for her two children and asking the Lord for a sign. She cheated the devil out of his due because she took a leap of faith and started her business with barely any money and by the end of the first year it was a great success. She steals people’s hearts when they meet her because she is such an inspirational person.

May your New Year bring you great health, much prosperity, and lots of happiness now and


Good Reading, Good Sales, and Great Success to You All!

Steve Levine

President/Executive Publisher, Small Business Today Magazine


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